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Secure data syncronisation with BoxCryptor

Do you really want to sync your data using cloud-services?
In fact, only few ask this question. Data is syncronised using cloud services as Dropbox without taking into account that you probably also have data synced that does not really belong to you. Think of any document you get from coworkers, etc. …
A few months ago I run across BoxCryptor. Boxcryptor encrypts and decrypts your data on your local device. No password is transferred via the evil internet. 
Only encrypted data is syncronised using i.e. Dropbox. Another advantage is the independence from any cloudservice you use.
One drawback though … you can not look at your data using the webbrowser or any tool that directly connects to dropbox. But, you can encrypt only part of your synced data.
Whatever you choose … you are responsible to secure the data you put into the cloud … or leave it on your memory stick laying around in your office at home or at work :)
If you need syncservices at least use tools like BoxCryptor or Wuala.
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