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Sometimes you have no option …

Some time ago I posted my opinion about a gadget you must have – the Sonos music streaming system. I still think it is a valuable and possibly the best solution. Unfortunately, it is a little bit on the pricey side.

To make it short, a friend bought the Logitech Squeezebox Duet and was not very satisfied with the system. The controller (remote) rebooted occasionally. After the reboot the Receiver was not found. He had to redo the setup a few times during the first week. In addition, the system had problems with his music files, which included chinese characters in file names. After some weeks he was very frustated, threw the whole thing in the bin and bought a Mac mini.
So far so good. We discussed the issue and he gave me the Squeezebox Duet to try it myself (fortunately he threw it away in a plastic bag :) ).

Running a Linux server myself it was a small thing to install the Squeezebox software and connect and setup the Duet as described. The difference to  the setup of my friend is: Linux server instead of Synology, receiver is connected via cable instead of wireless, and, only western chars in the filenames.
I am still not completely satisfied with the solution, mainly because the remote needs to long to restart from stand-by. But overall I have a working music streaming solution.

… now about the “you have no option” … I wanted to buy the Sonos system, but as I got the Squeezebox for a very good price … I really had no option :)

BTW … my friend is happy with his Mac Mini solution where he also can do videos and picture slideshows

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