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Agile Project Management Tools

I am looking for some project management tools supporting the AgileWay of working. It would be even better if this tool is free or low cost.

So far I found the following tools

Scrumworks (

  • Unfortunately the open source variant is a few releases behind

VersionOne (

  • Seems to be one of the best product out there.
  • Some people see the technology foundation on windows as a drawback. I think that the functionality matters more than the operating system it runs on.
  • The company released a free community edition for up to five users just a few weeks ago. Although five users is not that much it is a good thing to test drive VersionOne.

XPlanner (

  • (add some text)

activeCollab (

  • From the website: activeCollab is an easy to use, web based, open source collaboration and project management tool.
  • Release 1.0 is in beta.

]project-open[ (

  • more than just a project management system. includes CRM, invoicing, payments, ….
  • UI is not very intuitive, but have a look for yourself

Achievo (

  • more than just a project management system.

redMine (

  • looks neat. build on Ruby on Rails. relatively new.
  • demo available

teamwork (

  • only the online SaaS version is free for up to ten users and 5 projects

(to be continued)

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