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XBMC or Mediaportal

I found Mediaportal one of the best HTPC GUI so far. Easy to set up, tools to allow starting and stopping using MCE Remote

The only thing I always struggled with is the Codec configuration, either some files are not startet at all or ISO files did not play.

With XBMC I tested the origin of Mediaportal and was more than pleased that every single file and disc played smoothly. The only drawback was that I could not control XBMC with my MCE remote. Was, because I found the following site:

Just follow the instructions step by step and your MCE remote is your friend again :)

my suggestions for software …

I use this also to document my findings :)

to get album covers for your music

keep the mp3 tags clean

Burn CD and DVD images with XP and Windows 7

For bulk Renaming of files
Bulk Rename Utility

Gizmo Central

Create MP3 from your CD

CUE Splitter



Secure data syncronisation with BoxCryptor

Do you really want to sync your data using cloud-services?
In fact, only few ask this question. Data is syncronised using cloud services as Dropbox without taking into account that you probably also have data synced that does not really belong to you. Think of any document you get from coworkers, etc. …
A few months ago I run across BoxCryptor. Boxcryptor encrypts and decrypts your data on your local device. No password is transferred via the evil internet. 
Only encrypted data is syncronised using i.e. Dropbox. Another advantage is the independence from any cloudservice you use.
One drawback though … you can not look at your data using the webbrowser or any tool that directly connects to dropbox. But, you can encrypt only part of your synced data.
Whatever you choose … you are responsible to secure the data you put into the cloud … or leave it on your memory stick laying around in your office at home or at work :)
If you need syncservices at least use tools like BoxCryptor or Wuala.
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Upgrade to WordPress 3.3.1

Finally … upgraded to the latest WordPress release. May even start blogging again … let’s see.

Sometimes you have no option …

Some time ago I posted my opinion about a gadget you must have – the Sonos music streaming system. I still think it is a valuable and possibly the best solution. Unfortunately, it is a little bit on the pricey side.

To make it short, a friend bought the Logitech Squeezebox Duet and was not very satisfied with the system. The controller (remote) rebooted occasionally. After the reboot the Receiver was not found. He had to redo the setup a few times during the first week. In addition, the system had problems with his music files, which included chinese characters in file names. After some weeks he was very frustated, threw the whole thing in the bin and bought a Mac mini.
So far so good. We discussed the issue and he gave me the Squeezebox Duet to try it myself (fortunately he threw it away in a plastic bag :) ).

Running a Linux server myself it was a small thing to install the Squeezebox software and connect and setup the Duet as described. The difference to  the setup of my friend is: Linux server instead of Synology, receiver is connected via cable instead of wireless, and, only western chars in the filenames.
I am still not completely satisfied with the solution, mainly because the remote needs to long to restart from stand-by. But overall I have a working music streaming solution.

… now about the “you have no option” … I wanted to buy the Sonos system, but as I got the Squeezebox for a very good price … I really had no option :)

BTW … my friend is happy with his Mac Mini solution where he also can do videos and picture slideshows

A must-have gadget …

The must-have if you want your audio files under control from every room at your home

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Delete directory with special character (umlaut, etc.)

German: Löschen eines Verzeichnisses mit Sonderzeichen (Umlaute, ÿ, …)

I once made a big mistake and allowed anonymous FTP on my web hosting. It was only for a short period (under one day) but it was enough to fill the space on my disk. Even worse, the directory with all the content was named “    ÿ”.

If I had access to my hosting via telnet or ssh a remove using inode information would have done the job. But my hoster does only allow FTP access.

After some searching on the web I found a perl script that did the job (see here).

#!/usr/local/bin/perl   // CHECK the location of perl on your server, e.g. /usr/bin/perl

cleanup("/aftp/dfd");  // give the full path to the directory you want to start the process

sub cleanup {
        my $dir = shift;
    local *DIR;

    opendir DIR, $dir or die "opendir $dir: $!";
    my $found = 0;
    while ($_ = readdir DIR) {
            next if /^\.{1,2}$/;
            my $path = "$dir/$_";
        unlink $path if -f $path;
        cleanup($path) if -d $path;
    closedir DIR;
    rmdir $dir or print "error - $!";

Save the file as “remove_directory.cgi”

Place the script into a directory on your server. Open up your favorite web browser and enter the address to the script.

If you get a 404 (file not found) your address in the browser is wrong.

If you get a 500 (Internal server error) this may have different causes:

  1. The perl interpreter can not be found.
    Solution: Check the first line of the script (Hint: check already existing perl scripts on your server for the location or the FAQ of your provider).
  2. The script is not executable. Solution: chmod 755 (if you use a ftp client like smartftp right-click the file to do this change.
  3. The script may include DOS CR/LF if you edit the file on Windows/DOS. Solution: use a modern editor to save the file with Unix LF or create the file on Linux/Unix. Free editor that can do the trick: PSPad.
  4. I had a third problem: I uploaded the file in text mode. If nothing helps, try to upload the file as binary.

Hope this helps. For me the script ended with an error but deleted everything beneath the given directory.

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sources for 2007-09-15

I am always looking for new small text editors. In 2002 (or so) I came across Crimson Editor ( which I and many of my colleagues used and still use.

The other day a new colleague pointed me to another text editor: the PSPAD (
One of the many features that editor has – it runs without installing. Put it on your memory stick and go.
very cool.

Another tool that you shall have installed if you are mac-aware ;-)

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Interesting tool for task management

… implemented as Eclipse plugin:

wait for a longer review ;-)

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Agile Project Management Tools

I am looking for some project management tools supporting the AgileWay of working. It would be even better if this tool is free or low cost.

So far I found the following tools

Scrumworks (

  • Unfortunately the open source variant is a few releases behind

VersionOne (

  • Seems to be one of the best product out there.
  • Some people see the technology foundation on windows as a drawback. I think that the functionality matters more than the operating system it runs on.
  • The company released a free community edition for up to five users just a few weeks ago. Although five users is not that much it is a good thing to test drive VersionOne.

XPlanner (

  • (add some text)

activeCollab (

  • From the website: activeCollab is an easy to use, web based, open source collaboration and project management tool.
  • Release 1.0 is in beta.

]project-open[ (

  • more than just a project management system. includes CRM, invoicing, payments, ….
  • UI is not very intuitive, but have a look for yourself

Achievo (

  • more than just a project management system.

redMine (

  • looks neat. build on Ruby on Rails. relatively new.
  • demo available

teamwork (

  • only the online SaaS version is free for up to ten users and 5 projects

(to be continued)

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